Kann man den Moment einer Bewegung erfassen?

Re[:mem:]bering Media Historyg


In his experimental films Pièce touchée (1989) and Passage à l’acte (1993), the Austrian filmmaker Martin Arnold mounts frames of Hollywood movies into loops, thus forcing a radical reinterpretation of a simple scene. The loops magnify unseen details, gestures, and movements, and they uncover hidden ideological patterns such as patriarchal relations. While this kind of critical loop envisions an analytical remembrance of media history typical for the found footage film as a whole, Arnold’s films open up another possibility: The mechanical, comical, and musical rhythm of bodies, which is generated by the loops, uncovers a repressed relation between body and film as a medium. The loop thus becomes a window not only to a specific historical era, the Classical Hollywood cinema, but also reflects a much more profound media history and time theory of the moving image.

Kulle, Daniel (2012) - «Re[:mem:]bering Media History». Vortrag auf der Jahrestagung der NECS, Lissabon, 21.6.2012.