Being Gay = A Do-it-yourself culture?

DIY and Gay Subculturen


Subcultures on the fringe or beyond society’s hegemonic norms often rely on special media practices considered as “subversive”, “alternative” or “underground”. Especially in the 1970s, with the advent of film and video technologies that enabled filmmaking without financial backing, the concept of D.I.Y. or Do-it-Yourself became one of the central philosophies of all subcultures, from punks and squatters to the gay scenes. Especially in the gay scenes, no-budget film was a dominant medium of expression and subversion. The paper will take this centrality of DIY in gay subculture and follow its path into the new millennium: Is film and especially the no-budget DIY-film still relevant for the subculture? And why not, how come? What role does the DIY-ethos play in gay subculture’s use of media today? And how did new media, media convergence or prosumer culture change that role?

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Kulle, Daniel (2013) - «DIY and Gay Subculture». Vortrag auf der Jahrestagung der NECS, Prag, 20.6.2013.