No Face


We are surrounded by commercial images. Everywhere we look, everything we touch is already marked with economical value.

And as we construct our identity out of images and impressions we encounter every day, our selves become more and more commercialized. We are sucked into the economic domain. We become our own advertisement.

Things become even more complicated, if our identity is a gay one, an identity constantly needing to rearrange its relation to straight mainstream culture and constantly searching for a centre to form a reassuring subculture. But what if this subculture, this gay self, is being commercialized as well?

An experimental film on gay iconographies in a commodified age.

Festival Screenings:

20.6.2015 Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

4.7.2015 Rio Festival de Cinema Gay

18.7.2015 Leeds Queer Film Festiva

l7.8.2015 Queer West Film Festival Toronto

25.9.2015 Scottish Queer International Film Fest Glasgow

16./17.10.2015 Strangelove Brussels

23.10.2015 Pornfilmfestival Berlin

25.10.2015 Lesbisch-Schwule Filmtage Hamburg

5.-11.11.2015 Queerstreifen Regensburg

6.-10.11.2015 Feminist and Queer International Film Fest Romania

18.-22.11.2015 Flensburger Kurzfilmtage

21.11.2015 Queer Film Festival Oldenburg

12.12.2015 Berlin Art Film Festival

15.12.2015 X-Mass Short Film Madness Porto

Länge: 6min

  • Februar 2015