Dilettants, Amateurs, and Prosumers. Dispositifs and Discourses of Professionalism in Digitalized Film Making



Since art and media became an industry in the late 18th/early 19th century, the relationship of professional to other forms of agency in the art world has been under constant renegotiation: debasing non-economic agencies as "dilettantism" or "amateurism" on the one side. – re-evaluating all those non-professional forms of agency as counter-economical or counter-cultural on the other. The film world since long has become a "professional" industry, and the border between professionals and non-professionals are heavily guarded by economical and institutional constraints. Digitalization however seems to have questioned that border: Means of production have become utterly cheap, means of distribution easily available, access to knowledge, aesthetic discourses or other filmmakers simplified. This paper wants to take a look at changes in dispositif and discourse regarding the question of professionalism and non-professionalism in the German film industry. It will be argued that, although digitalization crumbled some of those walls of professionalism, others keep intact, or are reinforced.

  • NECS Conference, Potsdam
  • 28.07.2016