The Fragile Son


Trailer for a dance performance by Matthew Rogers. Here is what the artist said about his project:

"a fragile son took its first breath at the Czech Majales Festival, May 28th 2015 at the Sfinx. My original concept for this project was to use residencies in different cities throughout the Czech and Slovak Republics to research on how culture is embodied here through contemporary dancing. This research process reflected a deep desire to contextualize my own body/life/self in my new foreign home. I named this research process Fluid Culture Body and invited dancing people to explore with me.

Eventually, we came use Fluid Culture Body (FCB) to find ways to frame the dancer’s experience into a cultural context. Later, after learning some material from the participants, I searched for ways that the dance material could reflect cultural contextualization back to the observer. This became a solo.

It was in the personal stories that cultural context started to reveal itself. Mother. Father. Faggot. Fire. Rebellion. Obstacles. Offering. Outside. Inside. I experience fear as something already living inside me that responds to the stimuli around and within me. I wonder if fear is something a person can perpetuate within oneself naively, supported by cultural surroundings. Then where do you think courage comes from?

If the brain’s system leads naturally from survival to transcendence, then I guess we just let it happen. Let those chemicals flow, change, adapt and accept the journey. The mental looping of discontent and fear of threat are present in this work, but so is the openness to an exit. So I perform my own culture or I let it perform through me.

In this, my first choreographic work, I used material created by the participants of Fluid Culture Body then structured and restructured it, layering the material, the content and the context to inform one another uncovering new materials and exploring their poetics.

The deeply personal desire to dance freely sometimes comes in conflict with internalized aspect of our culture, our identity. What is really at stake if we try a new way? What does dance truly mean to me- to do it, to watch it? Our attempts to answer these questions through our body and physical experiences gave birth to a fragile son."

  • Mai 2015